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3 Tips To Teach You How To Manage Remote Developers

In today’s highly competitive business world, some employer is training their employees for better efficiency. While most of the tech companies have decided to hire remote developers just to get the rarer of the rarest talent. 

There are many reports that conclude, in the last four years, more than 82 percent of developers have adopted some work for remote work. Many are working full time as a remote developer for an offshore company, while others are working half time from their home and the half time from their office. 

Seeing the benefits of hiring remote developers that include, hiring the best talent, more experienced team and a way to say cost on added employee benefits, it is clear that this trend is loved by both the tech companies and their remote developers. 

However, working with a remote developer is not the same as working with your in-house team. That’s why here are the 3 tips that you need to know how to manage remote developers. 

1. Connect and encourage

how to manage remote developers

It not that you can arrange a face-to-face meeting with your remote team at the start of every week to discuss the project timeline. They are working from a remote location, probably from a different country, different timezones might make it tricky.

But that’s to the evolving mobile technology and the internet, you can use the video call applications to arrange a meeting with your remote employees where you can connect with all your employees and encourage them to interact with each other for better collaboration. 

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These video conference calls are also important because most of the remote developers feel connected with the company they are working with due to these frequent video calls and the opportunity to connect with the other talented developers. 

2. Employ guidelines and necessary software

how to manage remote developers

Everywhere you read, you’ll only find good about remote working. Things like a dedicated team and experienced developers is how they all they portray, and it is even true to some extent. But you are running a business, you need to learn the best way on how to manage remote developers, you have to prepare for the worst. What if your remote team is slacking because there is no mode of supervision?

Again with the help of technology and tools like Trello and desk time, you can not just keep track of their timeline, but you can also track the productive time they have spent working on your project. So in case you have hired remote developers on an hourly basis, you’ll know they are doing their best and not slacking off. 

3. Stress will stay, even in the case of remote developers

How to manage remote developers

If you are thinking remote working is good because offers your employees an easy solution from stress, you have to be realistic. Yes, remote working option offers several benefits to employees, such as improving their work-life balance and flexibility of living option. 

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But that doesn’t mean they won’t burn out, they probably still be sitting in front of their computer screen for 8-to-9 hours, writing the codes, and fixing bugs. They will eventually get tired and stress will soon become part of their work-life again. 

However, this time it will be more manageable, so be realistic and prepare to deal with some stress, because stressed employee means less productivity and less productivity means more stress to the employer.


Simply by using the above mentioned 3 tips, you can easily be able to manage your remote developers. Or else if you are still looking for expert talent to be the part of your team, check our remote staffing service. 

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