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This How To Overcome Challenges You Face While Working With Remote developers

Working with remote staff is certainly a wise decision. Especially in today’s period when most of the countries are shut down due to the pandemic. As with having remote staff, you can keep your business going. 

Still, if you are new and just hired remote developers to work for your company there are few obstacles that you certainly have to face. The fact your team (your employees) are overseas and you can’t meet them physically, will give rise to complications if you don’t know exactly how to deal with a remote developers team. 

However, you don’t have to worry about anything. Offering our remote staffing service to IT business we are well versed with these obstacles that a company can face with working with virtual staff. So, in order to help you here are the 3 main obstacles of working with remote developers and how to overcome them.  

Low-Bandwidth Communication

It is well understood that requests made in person are more successful than the request made over mail. There are many studies performed as well, one of which concludes that requests made face-to-face are 34 times more successful than a request made over email.

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However, working with a remote employee you can’t have a face-to-face meeting, which is one of the biggest concerns of working with remote developers. However, technology has advanced there are several options that are available and used by the businesses to tackle this issue of low-bandwidth communication.

Video conference has become the standard alternative for business communication. Not just live video calls but recorded video message for those dealing with the different time zones also acts as a great motivator.

Unnecessary Meetings

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This is another challenge faced by the industry, businesses are still not that comfortable working with remote developers can be the reason. However, it is a mistake, we have already talked about the sincerity of remote developers in many other articles. Still, employers make the mistake of calling unnecessary meetings. In a study from Owl Labs found that remote employees have to attend 14% more meetings than the dedicated in-house team. 

While these meetings might be good for team building and knowledge sharing but they are time-consuming too. And there is no loss of your remote developers, you are the one who is losing time and money. It is already concluded that remote developers are faster in completing a project, by organizing those meetings you are just delaying the project and paying for the hours that are added because you think you need to do a meeting.

So it would be better if you try not to call a meeting twice every day, just to check the project update. There are tools like Trello where your remote developers can update their tasks for the day and you’ll be able to check the project updates without calling for unnecessary meetings.

You miss the passive information

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Ideas don’t always come from deep thinking, sometimes your employee comes up with the groundbreaking approach or an amazing idea while having an informal conversation in the pantry or by overhearing your client’s requirement. However the fact you are working with a team of remote developers, you might miss the opportunities of passive information (information that doesn’t affect your companies goal directly but can lead to the path that reaches your goals).

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In order to make sure you don’t miss on such opportunities, encourage your remote employees to add a PS in each of their mails which will be their informal though on the project and the approach they are taking to complete it. You can also create a group and call it a watercooler meeting, dedicated to all the informal topics on their vision and your vision related to the current topic. The discussion will certainly ignite the new ideas.

In Conclusion

There are certain things that make it feel hard to work with remote developers. But then again there are solutions that make hiring remote developers a better option than hiring an in-house team. If you are interested in hiring remote developers, check out our services page. 

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