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Interesting Benefits of Remote Staff

When we talk about remote staff, most of the people mostly focus on the employee benefits and rarely talk about benefits employer can avail. So if you are an employer thinking looking for an efficient way to expand your business, here is how hiring remote staff can benefit you. 

1. More productivity

There is a common misconception among employers, that allowing their team to work from home is not a good option. Because they are sure that the employee will laze around all day and will probably miss the deadline. However, as mentioned about it is just a misconception, there are several studies published that shows employees who work from home are more productive than an in-house team. 

According to the study published by Harvard Business School study shows that remote employees are 4.4% more productive than your in-house team.

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2. It’s More Eco-Friendly

Having a physical office space certainly seems a better option but it is not very eco-friendly, especially if you thinking about expanding. If you consider the electricity being consumed to run the office and heavy machinery along with the other office supplies such as paper, ink and other environmental waste, it is not cheap and it’s not good for our environment as well.

By hiring remote developers you can you’ll also able to contribute less greenhouse gas emissions. According to a study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs found that employees commuting to work is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. And by hiring remote developers there is a decrease in 3 million tons of greenhouse gases from entering the environment.

3. Remote Developers Are More Affordable

Certainly in-house staff looks like a better option, as you can keep track of their work, can collaborate and have face-to-face meetings whenever you want it. However, you have to pay extra for that. Hiring in-house developers means you have to pay for the office space where they’ll come to work, office supplies, their salaries, medical benefits, and other added employee benefits.

However, by hiring remote developers, you can avoid all those charges. Pay on the hour basis and that it, achieve better quality development by hiring remote staff as part of your team.

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4. You Can Hire the Best No Matter Where They Are

When you hire remote developers you don’t have to worry about the quality they will offer you. Most of the IT staffing companies hire remote developers after the strict screening so that when you go to them to hire remote developers, they can provide you with someone who is skilled, experienced and dedicated. 

By option for remote developers, you can easily find the right talent that you are looking for. 

In Conclusion

If you have any question feel free to contact us. And if you are interested in hiring remote developers, check out our remote staffing service. We have experienced developers that can help you turn your IT company into a software development company.

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